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New Year’s resolutions we've already broken

New Year’s resolutions we've already broken

Every year we promise ourselves that we’re going to change but rarely does that happen. That’s why we thought we would bring you our top three New Year’s resolutions that we have already broken.

1. Start your healthy diet – Starting a healthy diet is something that most people aim to do in the New Year. Whether it’s cutting down on your meal size or giving up chocolate, nearly everyone with a New Year’s resolution plans to be healthier one way or another. For us, this one got broken on New Year’s Day after the trifle was brought out during our New Year’s Dinner.

2. Start taking trips to the gym – It is no surprise that the second week in January is normally the busiest a gym will be; this is due to all the members promising themselves to get fit in the New Year. We were honestly going to visit the gym on 1st January but, after a third serving of trifle, we really couldn’t face a treadmill.

3. Become tidier – Becoming tidier was one of the more successful resolutions we promised to make this year. After a New Year clean, the house was spotless; however it didn’t take long before we started to leave the dishes for the next day and decided that the car wasn’t quite filthy enough to warrant a clean.

So there are our top three New Year’s resolutions which we have already broken. Are there any New Year's resolutions that you've broken? We would love to hear about any of your New Year’s resolutions and whether or not you have managed to stick to them. Let us know in the comment box below or over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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