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New Year Walking

New Year Walking

If you’re looking to take a family hike in the New Year we have picked our top destinations for a great walking day out.

Lake District

For some truly stunning views when walking, head over to the Lake District. Langdale is a specifically nice place to visit if you are looking for adventure. Whilst travelling around there are lots of places to camp and even some beautiful hotels along the way.


If you love hiking on rocky terrain then taking a trip to Dartmoor may be perfect for you. Because the mountain range is located in South Devon wild camping is legal. This means as long as you bring your own tent you can pitch up wherever you like. There are many great places to visit whilst trekking around Dartmoor including Erme Plains and Higher Hartor Tor.

Local Hiking

Check out the National Trail if you’re going on a local hike. It has lots of handy information on local trails as well as more challenging hikes that may not be in your area.

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