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Novelty Gifts for Children over 5

Novelty Gifts for Children over 5

You’ve probably been given a list as long as your arm of presents the kids want for Christmas this year and you’re more than likely to be better organised than we are and have got everything already planned!  But just in case, here are a few novelty gifts for the kids which don’t cost an arm or a leg so you can pop one or more of them in as a surprise.

1. Despicable Me Fizz Surprise – £7.99 from Flair

Drop Fizz Surprise into water and wait for the fizz to dissolve. Watch as the submarine surfaces to the top with a special delivery! When the kids open up the submarine, they’ll discover not one but two colour changing minions hidden inside!

2. Pass the Sprout - £6.99 from Qwerkity

A fun alternative to Christmas crackers, the tissue-covered sprout-shaped ball reveals a party gift and forfeit in each of its 8 layers.  The high quality gifts include a Christmas puzzle, nail file set, bookmark, mini notebook, mini bowling set, ring, Sudoku puzzle and battleships game.

3. Baffle Mind Bending Puzzle - £10.00 from The Great Gift Company

Baffle is the brain busting puzzle that’s enough to send you dotty! Similar to the Rubiks cube, Baffle looks like it has been made out of Smarties stuck to a camera lens and the idea is to align the buttons in their colour groups all the way around.  Great fun for those who love a challenge.

4. Addictaball Maze 2 - £8.99 from Prezzybox

The Addictaball Maze 2 takes skill, patience and poise to negotiate the spirals, flips, slides and drops, providing hours of fun and entertainment, as well as frustration! Can you complete it in one sitting?

5. Parking Puzzler - £14.95 from

An entertaining 3D puzzle game, the aim is to successfully park the 7 brightly coloured cars in the correct spot as shown in your challenge. The 14cm x 14cm game board comes complete with a sturdy lid making it easily portable and the perfect size for travel. With 60 different levels to complete, this addictive game is sure to drive you up the wall!

Have you bought any novelty gifts for your children this year?  If so, let us know over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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