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Nursery Innovation Week – Day 3

Nursery Innovation Week – Day 3

UKMums.TV has teamed up with Shnuggle Clever Baby Products to offer one lucky winner a brilliant Nursery Starter Set including the ‘Dreami’ first bed and a ‘Squishy’ changing mat!

The Shnuggle Dreami is a clever all-in-one sleeper. With a hard outer shell, the Dreami has a ventilated base and comes complete with a breathable mesh covering to ensure baby sleeps more comfortably and the whole basket can be washed down and sterilised – great for storing for baby number 2! The included stand can be used in a fixed position at perfect bed height or can be flipped over to create a rocker. It can also be folded for storage and travel.

The brand new Squishy is an innovative changing mat, made from a soft material that retains room temperature and therefore is more comfortable for baby.  It also has a slight incline, meaning babies who suffer from reflux don’t have to lie completely flat and little girl wees trickle to the base of the mat (we can’t claim to control little boy wees!). Ridged sides add security and Squishy can be washed and sterilised too!

For your chance to win, click here! 

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