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Obstacle Course to Create at Home

Obstacle Course to Create at Home

Outdoor play is great and can be more creative than you think. If you have an outdoor space, why not make an obstacle course for your little ones? Here are a few of our suggestions utilising some of the bits and pieces you may have lying around in your house, garage or shed. Some of these obstacles you’ll be able to complete with your very own Zoingo Boingo!

Jumping in and out of Hula Hoops: Place Hula Hoops on the grass and ask your little ones to jump from one into the other. Be realistic on the placement, as children aren’t Olympic athletes!

Skipping: Ask your little ones to do a number of jumps over a skipping rope, the faster they can do this the better. Although remember to be realistic with how many you ask your little ones to do!

Hopping over a garden hose: Place your garden hose (or something with a similar shape) along the floor and make your kids hop from one side to the other until they get to the end.

Create a slalom with cones: Lay down a set of cones in a slalom formation and ask your children to run through as fast as they can. This will test their agility and their ability to change direction quickly. If you don’t have cones outside, there are plenty of other alternatives to use, such as tins and shoes.

There are lots of other things you could suggest your children try, such as balancing a beanbag on their head and throwing a tennis ball into a bucket. If you have any other ideas, then don’t forget to tweet them to us at @UKMumsTV!

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