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Our Favourite Apps for Kids

Our Favourite Apps for Kids

Entertaining children isn’t easy these days, especially when there are televisions, computers and various gadgets on the market. Whilst you’re entertaining your children, you also need a little time for yourself. The most important thing for young children is that their apps are entertaining, encouraging and educating. There are thousands of apps for kids on Android, iPhone, smartphones and tablets on the market, so here are our favourite ones for kids, primary school children and toddlers.

Zoo Alphabet for Kids
Available on iPhone, iPad and Android, this app has all the platforms to teach toddlers and pre-schoolers their alphabet in an educational yet fun-filled manner.

Crayola ColourStudio HD
This free app will turn any iPad into a colourful drawing pad, without ruining the wallpaper or the table!

Elmo Loves 123s
Help your child to identify and count numbers from one to 20, and to do simple addition and subtraction. Also included within this app are videos, puzzles and colouring pages. Please note, this app is only suitable for ages five and under.

Pigsty, Animals on the Loose
Pigsty is the brand new game by Ravensburger digital which takes kids into a rather crazy farm, perfect for all ages!

Disney Animated app
This app features a thorough look at the history of Disney’s animations from the hand drawings to today’s computer-generated imagery. Although it’s more expensive than a normal app, it’s definitely worth it if your child is interested in all things Disney.

We hope our favourite apps inspire you to download more educational and encouraging apps. Have fun!

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