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Our Favourite Celebrity Autumn Hair Colours

Our Favourite Celebrity Autumn Hair Colours

It’s all about the warm blondes, cool brunettes and the “bronde” right now. Here’s a round-up of celebrity hair colour ideas for all your autumnal inspirations.

1. Jennifer Lawrence has gone nearly grey! Although it’s more of a grey platinum, this look gives Jennifer Lawrence a run for her silver fox money.

2. Ciara suits the thick ribbons of golden blonde look, with the brightened up soft brown roots.

3. Kendall Jenner carries off the jet black and burnt auburn look.

4. Carla Delavigne looks gorgeous with this gilded straw blend with notes of honey and caramel.

5. Selena Gomez pulls off the deep and inky black hair perfectly, all year round!

6. Emma Roberts looks fabulous with her rose-gold hair, this hair colour is a trend for Instagram!  Rose gold hair is a pretty, ethereal shade of pink-tinted blonde that’s being worn by celebs. It’s so radiant, it lights up your whole look, even without makeup.

7. Queen B has the perfect autumn inspiration with her honey-toned hair.

8. Kiera Knightley’s warm chocolatey brown locks are perfect for carrying you through to winter.

9. Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix has had an update on her hair. With the dark brown tones and Smokey grey ombre, only Jade would be able to pull this off!

10. If you’re bored of the ordinary blonde, this shade of blonde is perfect for you. Rita Ora pulls off the multifaceted look, a fun take on the platinum blonde hair.

11. Feeling a little pale? This trend is sure to illuminate your complexion. For autumn 2016, blondes will take a turn towards the strawberry blonde look, like Rachel McAdams demonstrates in the picture below.

12. Here’s a colour we love by hairstylist Kendall Noel, smoky, lilac hair that transitions from a deep greyish purple down to a pale, foggy lavender. The result is a mysterious unique shade that looks gorgeous on longer hair!

Whatever your hair colour, why not try to go a little more extravagant for the autumn?

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