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Our Favourite High Chairs

Our Favourite High Chairs

As your baby begins to grow older and prepares to have their first taste of solid food, it’s important that they have a high chair that they feel comfortable sat in. Having a good high chair means that your little one can join you at the table at family meal times and can learn more easily how to eat on their own. We’ve taken a look at two of our favourite high chairs that are both comfortable and practical for your baby as they progress to solid food.

1. BabyBjorn High Chair - £189.99
The new high chair from BabyBjorn comes in two colours, pink and turquoise, and is designed for little ones who are able to sit unaided. The high chair is designed so that children can be placed in and removed from it from the side, meaning that there’s no high lifting involved.

We found that the high chair is easy to assemble and store away and we like that baby can be kept secure without the need of a harness. The chair’s snug fit means that meal times are made easy as unwanted spills are more likely to be prevented.

2. Chicco Polly Progress High Chair - £195.00 
Chicco’s Polly Progress grows with your little one and can be used right from the start. The padded high chair means that newborns can sit in the seat to play or relax and, as they grow older, it can be used as a traditional high chair, either with the tray attached or moved close to the table at meal time.

Once your baby becomes too big for their high chair, the Polly Progress converts to a booster seat which can be attached to a chair so that they can sit at the table with the rest of the family. We think it’s great that the high chair can be adjusted to eight different heights, meaning that your little one can feel part of meal time no matter the height of your table.

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