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Our Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

Our Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time to do everything you want to do? We know the feeling! With this in mind we have rounded up 5 of the best kitchen gadgets and accessories to make life easier. If you’re looking for a new gadget to complete your kitchen, look no further.

1. Sage from Heston Blumenthal “The Tea Maker”
The Tea Maker from Sage revolutionizes the way you make tea; it’s more than just a kettle, it’s the world’s first fully automatic tea maker! It makes tea by lowering the tea leaves into the hot water and then lifts back up again for the perfect brew. Ideal for tea lovers! RRP £199.99.

2. Pressure King Pro from
The Pressure King Pro takes the pressure off mealtimes by cooking perfect meals at the touch of a button. It cooks with pressured steam to lock in all those yummy flavours, vitamins and nutrients. You can make delicious, tender, slow-cooked family meals up to 90% faster than normal. Priced at just £69.99 you can’t knock it!

3. Cooking and baking accessories from üutensil
We can’t get enough of üutensil! The ‘Swoon’ (£7.99) is perfect for scraping along the side of the bowl or pan, we call it the windscreen wiper effect! The non-slip handle also has a rest built in to prevent the spoon from slipping. We also love the ‘Skaler’ (£14.99) and the ‘Stirr’ (£16.99).

4. Gravity Coffee Maker from Lakeland
Priced at £99.99, this coffee maker keeps your coffee warm for 40 minutes after brewing, with the permanent removable filter this makes it easy to clean with less waste. We’re certain coffee lovers will adore this!

5. Deep Pie Maker and Fro-Fru Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker from Judge
The Deep Pie Maker from Judge is priced at £29.95 and has endless possibilities! This useful machine makes two deep homemade pies in around 15 minutes. The Fro-Fru Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker is also priced at £29.95 and is fast and fresh. From frozen fruit to delicious sorbet desserts in minutes, you can’t go wrong!

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