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Our Favourite Men’s Grooming Products

Our Favourite Men’s Grooming Products

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’re bringing you a rundown of our favourite shavers, foams and shower fuels that would make the perfect gift for your partner or dad!

1. Wingman Shower Fuels - £2.40
These exhilarating shower fuels come in three fresh blends and are designed to help men look and feel better. The unique ingredients not only smell great but even awaken the senses, a great value and useful Father’s Day present.

2. Power Health Beard Oil - £8.99
Need a gift for a bearded man? This beard oil smells great, is good for the skin and the ingredients mean that it makes a great moisturiser too. Not only that, the oil even encourages hair growth so he can keep his beard feeling thick and fresh.

3. Gillette Fusion Proshield - £12.00
With lubrication before and after you shave, the Gillette Fusion Proshield helps prevent against irritation and ensures maximum comfort when shaving. For all men this is an essential so why not treat your partner or dad to a new razor this Father’s Day?

4. Erasmic Shaving Foam 300ml - £4.48
Men can make shaving easier with this extra moisturising shaving foam which quickly and effectively softens bristles for a smooth, easy shave. Skin is left feeling soft and the foam ensures that the razor moves gently over the skin, reducing irritation and discomfort.

5. Philips OneBlade Shaver - £34.99
The replaceable blade and three trimming combs that come with this shaver make it great value for money and the waterproof handle means it is ideal for wet or dry use. Whether they want to trim, edge or shave their stubble, this shaver works brilliantly for all!

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