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Our Favourite New Parenting Apps

Our Favourite New Parenting Apps

Becoming a new parent is definitely one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of your life. It’s a huge life change and a fascinating and fulfilling process. Thankfully, you’re not alone in caring for your baby. Hopefully you have your partner’s support as well as family and friends. There are a whole heap of great parenting apps out there to help you along the way. We’ve chosen our top 5 essential apps for caring for your baby and tracking their progress.

My Baby Today – Free

This app offers a range of daily advice guides and videos on your child’s development. This app also allows you to record photos and your baby’s growth, however you have to register your details first! The app is connected to the Baby Centre website which then offers you further information.

Annabel Karmel Recipes – around £4

Need some inspiration on what to make for your children’s lunches or dinners? This app is easy to use and groups recipes by ages. Also included within the app is a shopping list which you can add ingredients to and create a meal planner. The good thing about all the meals suggested is that you don’t have to use the salt and sugar which is imperative when cooking your little ones a meal.

IBaby Activity Tracker - £1.30

With this app, you can log in when your baby eats, sleeps, uses their nappy and takes medicine. You can also record their growth and share any information you wish by email with other family members to let them know how your baby is getting on.

White Noise Baby – around £0.77

Sooth your baby when they’re unsettled with a little white noise. Sounds on the app range from a car ride, a vacuum cleaner a hairdryer and many more. Weird we know but it’s all worth it when you have a silent baby! You can also put it in to baby mode to avoid naptime interruptions.

PBS Parents Play & Learn – Free

PBS is best known for producing ground-breaking and lasting children’s educational programmes. There are more than a dozen games for parents to play with their children. It’s like a little bit of bonding time with your child!

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