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Our Favourite Puppy Products

Our Favourite Puppy Products

It’s National Puppy Day and to celebrate we’re bringing you a rundown of our favourite puppy toys that are sure to make the kids go barking mad!

Perfect Pups Puzzle - Ravensburger - £7.99
These cute pups will melt the heart of any dog-lover. Brilliantly captured by British photographer Greg Cuddiford, each pair of pups appears in a different setting, or against a different background, ensuring plenty of detail and colour for young puzzle fans!


Pet Parade Twin Puppy Pack - Flair PLC - £16.99
Pet Parade puppies walk and have realistic movements and children will love to watch as they interact with their accessories! This pack contains 2 puppies each with their own bone, lead and customisable collar. There are 12 breeds to collect, so kids can adopt them all and start their own Pet Club!

Puppy In My Pocket Soft Puppy Carrier - Just Play - £12.99
Kids will be able to carry their pups in style with the Puppy In My Pocket Soft Carrier, complete with four puppies and a Collector Checklist!

Little Live Pets Sweet Talkin’ Friends - Scruffy - Character Options - £9.99
The Sweet Talking Friends puppies are more than just playful pals. They are cute little friends who love, speak and repeat.

Teksta Newborn Robotic Puppy - Character Options - £19.99
Teksta Newborns are a new generation of micro robotic pets that are smaller and more interactive than ever before. The Teksta Newborn Puppy is an adorable and life-like robotic puppy that will respond to voices and touch and can even jump!

Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and German Shepherd Puppies - Schleich - £2.99 each
These beautifully made puppy figures are a lovely addition to Schleich’s Farm Life range. We love how detailed and realistic the figures are.

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