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Our favourite tech gadget to keep kids safe

Our favourite tech gadget to keep kids safe

Keeping your kids safe and having that all important piece of mind has just become a whole lot easier!

Moochies Phone for Kids 

One of our favourite tech gadgets which we have tested here at the office is the Moochies Phone for Kids priced at £79.99 and available from here!

The Moochies Phone for Kids is worn just like a watch and is available in four different colours and patterns. This watch and phone combination allows a two way communication between you and your child with no hassle.

The Moochies app is downloaded on to the parent’s phone so that parents can contact their kids on their Moochies watch at any time of the day!

A great advantage of the Moochies watch is that it allows a child to ring two numbers, whilst allowing up to twenty people to ring them, so NO calls from strangers! If a child is in trouble, there's an SOS button situated on the side of the watch which records and sends a 15 second message to the child’s parents.

A GPS tracker is also built into the watch so you can see where your child is at any given moment on your mobile phone. 

This innovative, fashionable watch helps to ease kids into the process of being independent, with the support of a safety net.

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