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Our Favourite Travel Essentials for Him

Our Favourite Travel Essentials for Him

If you’re thinking of going abroad together this summer, you’re going to need some help with what to pack. As a woman it’s hard enough thinking about what you’re going to need on holiday, let alone to think about what your other half needs in his suitcase! With our top travel essentials for him you’ll be sure no travel essentials are forgotten.

1. Speed Shave to Go RRP £12.00
This all-in-one shaver is perfect for a week’s or even two weeks holiday. With this disposable razor, no mess, no rinse and no water is needed, making it ideal for a quick, fresh shave.


2. Henry J Socks and Boxers Set RRP £22.50
We bet your man doesn’t have matching socks and undies! Why not buy him this funky matching boxers and socks set because every man loves a new pair of undies and socks once in a while.

3. Occles Eyewear RRP £22.00
If your man likes sunbathing without the glare on his eyes, then you need Occles Travel Eyewear. They provide total blackout as well as eye protection from harmful UV rays, light and sunlight. An amazing alternative to sunglasses!

4. Clinique for Men Essentials Kit RRP £30.00
For normal to dry skin, all formulas meet the daily needs of your skin. Your skin will feel comfortable and revitalised. If you’d like to buy this for your man hurry, as you receive a free gift when you spend £50 or more with Clinique.

5. Ted Baker Men’s Hanging Gift Set RRP £22.00
Turn heads with Ted Baker’s set of four mini fragrances. These are perfect for a holiday lasting a week or two and they make the perfect gift for the man with a nose for luxury!

Happy Holidays!

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