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Our guide to Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys

Our guide to Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys

If you hadn’t already heard, Power Rangers has taken over and we simply can’t get enough!
Power Rangers toys were all the rage way back when so we thought we’d have a look at what toys are available now for the new generation of fans to enjoy. Here’s our pick of the best:

Action Figures

Power Rangers are all about action so it goes without saying that action figures are a must have for any young one wanting to relive adventures from the TV series! The 12.5cm Action Heroes (RRP £9.99) and 30m Action Heroes (RRP £12.99) are articulated and poseable which makes imaginative play all the better, and the figures are so detailed they look exactly like the rangers on TV!

Role Play

Ninja Power Star Battle Pack (RRP £7.99) – Kids will know that Ninja Stars are the Rangers’ number one accessory so it’s only right that wannabe Rangers have some of their own! These stars can be launched and thrown just like the real Rangers do, and they can be used to activate extra features across all Ninja Steel Role Play toys.

DX Ninja Battle Morpher (RRP £34.99) – One of the best role play toys in the collection has to be the Ninja Star Morpher. Kids can choose from three different modes: the morpher, the sword or even the claw! What’s really cool about this toy is that is recognises different Ninja Stars and has unique sounds for each.

Ninja Blaster and Sword Star Shooter (RRP £17.99 each) – With a collection of stars under their belt, young rangers could do with battle gear to help launch and blast them! The Ninja Blaster comes with 3 stars included, and the Sword Star Shooter lets kids hide the weapon beneath their palm and surprise villains with a sneak attack.

DX Ninja Star Blade (RRP £29.99) – Unleash extreme battle sounds and light effects with this ultimate weapon for young Rangers looking to help defeat villains! Includes 1 Ninja Star that can be attached to the hilt and spun.


The Lion Fire Fortress Zord (RRP £119.99) – This is the biggest Megazord playset of all time so it goes without saying that this is a must-have for Power Rangers fans! What’s great about this playset is that there are so many features to keep kids entertained. There are 3 modes of play to try out: Fortress Mode lets you fire missiles and lock up villains; Megazord mode turns the playset into a whopping 50cm tall force with battle sounds; and Ultrazord mode lets you fire the twin blasting bazookas! All in all there are over 20 battle features and accessories for kids to explore.

Deluxe Ninja Steel Megazord (RRP £42.99) - Zord fun is also made possible with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Kids can play with the five zords individually or morph them all together to create an impressive megazord! You can also combine the Ninja Steel Megazord with the Lion Fire Fortress Zord to create the Ultrazord!

The Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys are available now from all good toy shops. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter @UKMumstv.

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