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Our mums take a look at the Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Bird

Our mums take a look at the Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Bird

With National Pet Month and the Electronic Pets Takeover in full swing, we thought what better time to ask our mummy bloggers to take a look at the Tweet Talking Birds from the Little Live Pets range.

Parents in Touch loved the Tweet Talking Birds, take a look at her thoughts below:

“This cute little bird will very soon become your child's new best friend. I was sent Cupcake Katie for review and she has lovely glittery wings. She also has a soft plush feel. Tweet Talking Birds respond to children's touch - just stroke on their back and they sing, chirp and tweet just for you - and parents will be pleased to know the sounds are quite soft and pleasant.

The birds are super-responsive - the more you play with your bird the happier it becomes and when it is really, really happy it will even whistle you a special tune. And if you ignore your bird for a while, it will cheap at you, just in case it has been forgotten (but, very practically, it turns itself off after half an hour). There are 30 different birdcalls with many popular songs, so lots of variety which is great in a toy of this size and price; it's really good value.

Perhaps the feature children will love best is the fact it can talk back at you - press the button and you can record a 10 second piece which can then be played back, and re-recorded at any time. It's really simple to use - although the toy is recommended for 5+, as soon as I put the batteries in, my 3 year old tester was playing happily. If you have two birds, both fit happily into one cage, too, which makes it lovely for friends playing together. I love this toy and children really respond well to the interactivity. “

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