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Our top 5 tips for camping with the kids!

Our top 5 tips for camping with the kids!

With summer here, it’s the perfect time of year to take the family on a camping trip, so we wanted to bring you our top 5 tips to make it as hassle free as possible.

1. Choose the right tent!
You don’t have to spend the earth these days, but it’s certainly worth going for a tent that’s going to be comfortable for your trip. Don’t choose the cheapest one in the shop as it will make your trip miserable should the great british weather arrive unexpectedly.

2. Practice putting your tent up.

Practice putting up the tent before you leave! There are two reasons for this, firstly to check that you are not missing any vital parts and secondly so that you can figure out how to put it up. Trying to build a new tent in the rain for the first time is not a lot of fun!

3. Make a plan in case of wet weather.

Do some research on the area you are visiting and make plans for all weathers. Although it can be exciting sitting in the tent playing board games it can soon lose its appeal.

4. Stay warm

If you (or the children more importantly) are cold, you'll be miserable so hot water bottles, layers, sleeping bags and duvets are a must. Putting a blanket under the airbed help stop the cold too.

5. Attitude

This is the key to having a great time I think. Drop your standards and expectations and relax about bedtimes and bath times. If you are moaning and unhappy then expect it to brush of the children. Tired grubby children are a sign of a good holiday.

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