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Outdoor Toys and Activities for the Family

Outdoor Toys and Activities for the Family

We know it’s winter but that shouldn’t stop you from preparing for the (slightly) warmer spring and summer. Here are some great outdoor toys and activities that the whole family can enjoy!

1. Giant Jenga - Everyone’s played regular Jenga, but have you played Giant Jenga? The game starts at a massive 4ft tall and will only get taller as the game progresses! A fun and simple game of skill, speed and accuracy (just as long as you don’t have to pick all the pieces up at the end!)

2. Giant Connect 4 - Another fun outdoor toy is Giant Connect  4. One of the simplest games ever as you just have to do exactly what it says in the title - connect 4! Play in teams or 1-on-1 - there is no limit to the fun! You can even play indoors on less sunny days.


3. Walking - Here’s an activity that is absolutely free! Go for a nice walk outside with the family, whether it be walking to a specific place, or just taking a casual stroll. Fresh air and a bit of exercise never hurt anybody, did they? Don’t forget to take the dog with you if you have one!

4. Cycling - Yet another free activity (unless you don’t own a bike!) If somewhere is slightly out of walking distance from you, then why not go for a bike ride with your family? Just make sure you wear a helmet - safety first!

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