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Peppa Pig Weebles Reviews

Peppa Pig Weebles Reviews

After the Weebledown Farm range was put through its paces, we thought it was only fair that the extremely popular Peppa Weebles range had its turn.

Take a look at what Emmy’s Mummy thought:

“I used to love Weebles as a child - I had quite a few of course they were very different then and I wish I still had some to show the children (I may hunt my parents’ loft just to see if any are still hiding). I was rather excited when they made a revival recently in the shape of Peppa Pig and her friends. Since seeing the adverts, I can't stop singing "Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down" - the kids think I'm mad.

Both my kids LOVE Peppa, so it was a great excuse to play with some.

They received the Wind and Wobble Playhouse for review and could not have been any more excited when it arrived!  Apparently this made me the best Mummy ever! - This I can live with.

Place Peppa on the blue steps, turn the handle and she moves up to the top of the house, she then wobbles across to the slide and slides down.

Falling onto the roundabout, she of course wobbles but doesn't fall down!  Turn the daisy to take her for a ride on the roundabout where she continues to wobble about.

There is a muddy puddle for her to splash about in, or she can sit on top of the house, keeping her eye out for more fun adventures.

This toy is perfect for small hands! Harry is almost 16 months old and he can grab hold of Peppa perfectly, place her on the steps, wind the handle and even turn the flower to make the roundabout work. Emmy makes her have little chats and makes up a whole scenario of Peppa not wearing her boots and being told off for jumping in puddles.  You have to love the imagination of children.

This has been a huge hit in our house and it is played with on a daily basis.  It is a sturdy toy and has survived falling off our coffee table - so will definitely last a long time.

The suggested retail price is £29.99, so great value for money. It's a lovely toy and we love it however, I really think it would be better if it come with at least 2 Weebles.

I have since purchased another 3 Weebles toys for the kids, so Danny Dog, Emily Elephant and Zoe
Zebra have come to play at the playhouse and they are having a whale of a time! “

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