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Pick the right pet for your family!

Pick the right pet for your family!

Are you a dog or a cat person? Do feathered friends catch your fancy or would you pre-fur (!) a furry friend who you can keep in a hutch or cage? The possibilities for finding the perfect pet are endless, but here’s a few handy tips to narrow it down!


How active you are might be a good indicator as to what kind of pet you should own. Dogs require regular walking whereas cats look after themselves; smaller animals such as rabbits or even gerbils and mice can run around in a contained area while you sit, watch and enjoy! Only chose a pet you have time, energy and space to exercise properly!


If you’re the adventurous, daring type, you may want an exotic pet to amaze all your friends. Bearded dragons, geckos and even terrapins all come under the exotic pet category but require lots of special care and attention, and even special equipment, so make sure you do your research first.


If you want the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes not just from snuggling up to your new pet but also from knowing you’ve done a good deed, you might want to consider rescue pets. There are thousands of pets in rescue shelters because their owners could no longer care for them - why not find out where your local animal shelter is and see if you can help today.

And if you’re still not sure which pet you want, you could always start with Little Live Pets as they look, act and feel real but without the mess! Don’t forget you can still enter our competition to win a prize from the new range of Lil’ Cutie Pups 


*Pets can be fun, friendly and loving additions to any family but it’s a big responsibility to take a helpless little animal into your care - so here at UKMums.TV we recommend you check out the expert advice from the likes of the RSPCA, British Veterinary Association or PDSA 

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