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Portable Travel Gadgets

Portable Travel Gadgets

Here at, we know the benefits of portable travel gadgets. Their unique size allow for ease of without taking up any unnecessary space.

1. Portable USB phone charger – We’ve all been there, enjoying a day out, taking pictures of views, landscapes and you guessed it, selifes. But the moment you need to make an urgent call, need directions or check your Facebook, it dies. We are of course, talking about your phone. But this useful gadget will provide power where nothing else can, simply charge it before you leave and take your phone USB cable with you and you can provide your phone extended battery life.

2. Working on the go? Need to scan a document? The VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner is a perfect handheld scanner that easily allows you to scan pages. The images are then stored on a Micro SD card and can be saved in both JPEG and PDF format.

3. SD Card to phone reader – If you’re away and taking pictures, you  know at the end of the day you will want to scan through them, but taking a laptop just to view your pictures will take up space in your luggage and sometimes the camera display just isn’t big enough. With this SD Card reader, you can connect it to you phone or tablet and view the images on a much larger and clearer scale.

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