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Pout Those Lips

Pout Those Lips

Here at UKMums we have been trying out a few makeup tricks to get the perfect pout

Check out our top tips for the Perfect Pout!

1. Do hydrate! Use a good lip balm throughout the day and drink plenty of water. Our favourite lips balm is good Old ChapStick Original!

2. Don't use lip liner and draw outside your lip line to create fuller lips. You'll just look like a clown.

3. Do Use a lighter lip colour in the centre of your lips to make your lips look larger.

4. Do Apply liner in a colour that matches your natural lip tone and fill in your lips completely. This will help keep your lipstick, stain or gloss in place.

5. Do use a slanted lip brush to get colour all the way into the corner of your mouth and create a precise, sexy lip.

6. Do add a touch of gloss or Vaseline to the middle of your bottom lips after applying your favourite lipstick. Smack your lips together to distribute the shine. This reflects light to create the illusion of fuller lips.

7. Do use your highlighter pen on your cupids bow ( the dipped area about your lip, below your nose) this will give the illusion of a pout

8. Do add some bronzer or a darker shade of foundation just under your bottom lip- this creates the look of a fuller pout


For those of you who are crazy about getting the perfect pout try Fullips Lip Enhancers- despite the entire stigma attached to lip enhancers of this kind when used gently, gradually and with lots of moisture they really do give a sexy, plump lip! We love ours! Especially for a night out.

Find out more about Fullips Enhancers here 

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