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Pre-night out hangover prevention tips

Pre-night out hangover prevention tips

We’ve all been there before, promised we won’t do it but still find ourselves overdoing it every New Year’s Eve! Are you one of these people? Well, here are some tips that will stop the hangover in it its tracks before your night’s begun.

Choose your drinks carefully

Be careful about what you choose to drink, as well as the amount you’re drinking. Cocktails, dark liquor and sparkling wine will all get you tipsy quicker, so make sure you pace yourself if you have any of these. And don’t mix your drinks!

Keep hydrated

It’s important to replace the fluids you lose when you drink alcohol, so take regular sips of water with each alcoholic drink. Sports drinks and coconut water are even better for hydration! A large glass of water before bed is also advised to help you feel fresh headed when you wake up the following morning.

Eat a hearty meal

How bad you feel the following morning isn’t always about how much you’ve drunk, but how much you’ve eaten before you’ve been out drinking! Experts advise you to eat plenty of carbs, protein and fat to help your body metabolise the alcohol. A great excuse to eat that burger!

Avoid caffeine

Whoever said coffee cures hangovers was wrong! Caffeine will only dehydrate you so its best avoided before and after a night out where alcohol’s involved.

Of course, the only sure fire way to avoid a hangover completely is to not drink at all! Do you have any pre-night out hangover prevention tips? Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter!

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