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Product Guide to the Savoury Treats from Yummy Nummies

Product Guide to the Savoury Treats from Yummy Nummies

Yummy Nummies is a creative food craze that helps you to make super tiny food that not only looks, but tastes like the real thing!

The Yummy Nummies Dinner Delights and Make a Meal Fun Sets will let children create delicious meals and treats in an instant. There are two sets to choose from each collection; within Dinner Delights there is Chix Mix Nuggets and Party Pizza. The Make a Meal Fun Set includes the Best Ever Burger and lets children create a complete meal – simply mix, make and enjoy!

The Chix Mix Nuggets are delicious, tender and perfect for dipping into the tangy ketchup or why not try the doughy and cheesy pizzas! The Meal Set lets children create complete meals that look and taste just like the real thing, such as a delicious burger with cheese, ketchup and a side of fries. Each set also comes with a delicious drink to wash down each tasty creation.

All your children have to do is measure the premixed ingredients using the included scoop, mix with water in the included tray then add into the moulds. Once the treats are set or cooked in the microwave they can enjoy their finished creations – the sets even include mini accessories to help serve their treats.

N.B. Yummy Nummies has been created as a food craft, but more than anything it is about the creativity and not designed to be a food replacement for your children. Although it is an edible craft it does not constitute as part of a child’s diet – the creations are tiny and do make for sweet treats but they are not designed for main meals to be made out of them.

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