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Quirky Veg

Quirky Veg

Here at we are always looking to learn more about food. We have recently been introduced to a whole world of vegetables we never knew existed and decided we would like to pass our new found knowledge on to you lovely readers!

Less Accessible Vegetables

1. Romanesco - A member of the cauliflower family and an excellent source of Vitamin C and fibre, this spiralised vegetable is the perfect addition to any stir fry.

2. Nopales - The succulent flesh of a certain type of cactus. Popular in Mexico, this is often used as a meat substitute in tacos.


3. Oca - A New Zealand yam that cooks just like a potato and is a great source of iron. You can buy oca plants and grow your own at home!

Posh Supermarket Vegetables

4. Candy and Golden Beetroot - Both sweeter than normal beetroot, these varieties are usually tolerated better by children and they look great too!       

5. Purple Sprouts - This sweeter variety of sprout makes a great addition to any salad when cut in half, lightly roasted and tossed in lime and salt. We saw these in M&S over Christmas and loved them!

6. Artesian Tomatoes - Tesco Finest have a great range of artesian tomatoes including Rapture and Sugardrop that are perfect for fresh salads!

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