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Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities

This month UKMums.TV is looking at a brand new TV show for younger children called Kazoops. In this unique new show, the lead character, Monty, uses his vivid imagination to challenge everyday preconceptions.  So as part of our Kazoops takeover, we are also looking at different preconceptions and trying to challenge our everyday habits and routines.

So we all know that the weather in the UK has a knack of being completely unpredictable. We may plan for a sunny day out during the summer holidays and then wake up to grey skies and non-stop rain! Other than moving to another country, the only way to deal with the rain is to embrace it!

In the ‘Rainy Day’ episode of Kazoops, the lead character Monty is playing in the garden with his pet pig, Jimmy Jones, when his dad notices that rain is on the way and decides to bring them in. Using his imagination, Monty reminds us that rainy days don’t have to be spent cooped up indoors. As long as you’re dressed in a good old mac and a pair of trusty wellies, then what’s stopping you?

Puddle jumping

Jumping in puddles is almost instinctive for kids! As long as it’s safe, there’s no reason why they should be let loose in the rain! Check that the puddle isn’t too deep and ensure they’re wearing the right wellies.

Play in the mud

As an adult, it’s easy to forget how fun playing in the mud can be. Making mud pies, painting with mud and spotting bugs and creepy crawlies are classic childhood pastimes! They are also great ways to encourage your kids’ imagination and creativity.

Rain art

This is a great idea for little artistes! Whilst indoors, get the kids to use chalk pastels, drops of food colouring or watercolours to make a nice picture on a piece of paper. Then let them take the paper out into the rain for a few seconds and watch as the rain drops transform their picture into rain art!

Paper boats

Before venturing outdoors with your kids, help them to make paper boats which can float down a stream. Give each of them a different colour or get them to write their name on it so they can tell whose is sailing the fastest!

In the words of Monty, rainy days can be fun if we all “just imagine…” Which idea will you be trying first?

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