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Red, white and blue summer wear

Red, white and blue summer wear

Today is Trooping the Colour for the Queen’s official birthday. The annual celebration includes a parade for the Queen to inspect soldiers and watch a fly-past display. Wearing red, white and blue can be hard without looking over the top with the English heritage theme. So with this in mind, we have put together a few fashion ideas to keep you looking on-trend and in keeping with the occasion. 

1. We love this dark, navy blue dress with bright red, white and light blue flowers. Very subtle yet very summery! This dress will make sure you’re looking your best for any occasion.

2. Now, you don’t always have to wear something that is elegant and flowery, you could even go for something like this. With the bright red skirt and the long sleeved blue and white stripey top you can be sure to make a statement this summer.

3. Go stripey with this flattering skater dress!

4. You don’t even need to wear anything too heavy, this white dress, embroidered with a light blue pattern is perfect for a holiday or even a day out. Match with a red leather handbag and heels and this is the perfect alternative to wearing anything too in your face.

5. Or, you could even go for the casual look. Wear red cropped trousers with a white baggy t-shirt and match with a blue stripey scarf. Cool, fashionable and summery.

Would you wear red, blue and white together?

Make sure you stay on-trend for the Trooping the Colour or even for the summer. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you wear it with pride!

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