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Relaxation Time – Best Bath products

Relaxation Time – Best Bath products









1. Keep your tresses out of the way with a cool Bath Cap – so you can simply wash and go!
a. £6.95 from Harrods

2. Keep smells at bay with this Marie Antoinette candle – did you know she bathed twice a day?
a. £90 from Cire Trudon


3. You can’t avoid the inevitable…but you can avoid dry skin! Try out the Best Pumice Stone from Champneys

a. £9 from Boots

4. Bath salts are a fantastic way to soothe your body and soul. Epsom Salts are a cheap alternative but these bespoke bath salts are full of essential oils to help relax you further
a. £18 from The Bathory

5. Imagine getting a cuddle from a person wearing a suit made entirely of goose down…that’s exactly what it feels like to get into a bath laced with Liquid Yoga
a. £26 from Mio Skincare

6. The number one favourite item for the bath is bubbles!! We love the bubbliest bubble bath we could find!
a. £18 from Kiehls

7. Want a sponge that will clean you within an inch of your life and skin so soft that strangers will stop and ask if they can stroke you!
a. £17 from Cowshed

8. Boredom is a common side effect of bathing, and sleeping isn't encouraged. So, to keep you entertained, this bath caddy holds your book and a glass of champagne.
a. £29.99 from Butlers

9. And last but not least…everyone’s favourite buddy in the tubby! A rubber duck!!
a. £10.95 from Just Ducks


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