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Science experiments to do at home

Science experiments to do at home

As Uncle Milton Star Wars and Wild Science have taken over during National Science Week, what better time to bring you some of our favourite science experiments that you can do at home.

Make your very own balloon rocket

What you will need:
• 1 balloon
• 1 long piece of string
• 1 plastic straw
• Tape




1. Tie one end of string to a chair.
2. Place the string inside the straw and slide the straw nearest the side to the chair.
3. Pull the string tight and then either Blu-tack or Sellotape the loose side to a wall ensuring the string is tort.
4. Blow up a balloon and pinch the bottom to make sure no air escapes. Then tape the balloon to the straw ensuring you are still pinching the bottom.
5. Finally let go of the balloon and watch it fly across the room!

Water Bending 

What you will need: 
• A plastic comb
• A water tap
• Clean dry hair 

1. Turn on your tap and make sure a small but flowing stream of water is coming from it.
2. Brush your plastic comb through your hair 15-20 times.
3. Slowly move the comb towards the stream of running water. Make sure you do not actually touch the water, once the comb is close the water should begin to move towards it.

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