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Science Museum Days Out

Science Museum Days Out

It’s British Science Week this week and, here at UKMums.TV, we have been looking at different places for you and your family to visit to enjoy an inspirational as well as educational day out! Here’s our list of top choices:

1.  Eureka!, Halifax

The National Children’s Museum in Halifax is an interactive, educational museum for children, which focuses on learning through play.  Children from babies to 11 year olds are inspired to learn all about themselves and the world around them by playing, imagining, experimenting and – above all – having fun, with the caring grown-ups in their lives.

2. Winchester Science Centre

The Winchester Science Centre, the South of England's hands-on, interactive, science and technology centre, is also home to the largest standalone planetarium cinema in the UK! It is a unique, exciting interactive centre, set up to promote the knowledge and understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

3. The Faraday Museum, London

Explore the world-changing science of The Royal Institution since 1799 in the Faraday Museum.  Discover all about the instruments and people that have made science work for the last two hundred years.  From the odds and ends that became the first electrical transformer to the tube that told us why the sky is blue, you can see the actual objects scientists built and used in some of the world's most famous experiments.  You can also find out about the 14 Nobel Prize winners who have worked at the Institution, also known as the Ri.

4. The Science Museum, London

Striving to be the best place in the world for people to enjoy science, the Science Museum's world-class collection is a lasting record of scientific, technological and medical achievements from around the world.

5. Thinktank, Birmingham

Birmingham's award winning science museum offers an enlightening and fun packed day out.  There are four floors of hands-on exhibits and historical collections to amaze and inspire you, from steam engines and talking robots through to gurgling guts and a chocolate wrapping machine!

6. Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

The Museum of Science and Industry is dedicated to inspiring visitors through ideas that change the world, from the Industrial Revolution to today and beyond.  And what better place? The museum is on the site of the oldest surviving passenger railway station, in the heart of the world’s first industrial city.  With daily demonstrations of spinning and weaving on original machines to working steam mill engines in action, there is plenty for visitors to see.

Finally, if these places are a little too far away for a day visit, then check out the British Science Week website - - for a comprehensive list of events being held all over the country and see what is happening in your area to celebrate.

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