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See what Mums think of Yvolution Y Fliker Scooters.

See what Mums think of Yvolution Y Fliker Scooters.

Some of our top bloggers and their children have been playing with the Yvolution Y Fliker Scooters and it’s fair to say they love them as much as we do!

Kara from Chelsea Mamma rightly said that the Y Fliker LIFT scooter “is nothing like a traditional scooter!” She then went on to say that “the Yvolution Y Fliker is sturdy, easy to control and ensures a safe, fun ride.  The revolutionary lift technology works when children pick up speed and lean back which allows children to perform new tricks and the free-spinning trick handlebar and angled steering column allow your little rider to take on an extreme stance to tackle cool stunts, such as 360s and sideways wheelies!”

Rachel wrote on her blog Stressed Rach that her daughter “is absolutely loving the Y Fliker Scooter and will go out on it every day for at least 2 hours unless it is raining” which just goes to show that Yvolution scooters are worth every penny and won’t just be for Christmas!

All of our bloggers who tried a Yvolution Y Fliker scooter absolutely loved it and didn’t have a bad word to say! It is easy to assemble, small enough to transport, keeps the child’s interest and proves to be more popular that the traditional scooter! Fancy trying a Yvolution scooter out?

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