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See what our Tonka Tough Mothers think!

See what our Tonka Tough Mothers think!

Here at we love Tonka, but we wanted to see what other mums thought too! We have recruited 12 Tonka Tough Mothers to put the new Tonka Toys through their paces. From the Tonka Steel range to Tonka Climbovers they have tried and tested it all. Here is what Sara-Jayne from Keeping Up With the Jones Family thought to the Tonka Steel products. 

“You know that toys are good when they impress your own parents.  Parents of parents have bought and seen most of the toy fads come and go and have invested a serious amount of time and money in them.  A huge box arrived on my doorstep with the Tonka brand label splashed across the cardboard this weekend whilst Granny and Grandad were visiting for Hero’s BBQ. Grandad was impressed. He was even more so when he found out that I’ve been selected to be a Tonka Tough Mother. This might just be the role I was born for. Since birthing three boys, I’ve become more accepting of mud..

Yes, they play in mud. They would play there every day given the chance.  Stripped down to shorts – or, let’s face it, pants – they will dig, scrape, poke, rake, and generally scrabble about in the outdoors. They build, destroy and rebuild to their hearts’ content and create adventures with whichever toys they’ve managed to sneak past me that they know shouldn’t be exposed to the horrors of mud baths
However, we figured every Tonka Tough Mother was going to test in mud.  And mud never hurt my real car that much – but sand…. sand is a real nuisance.  And so we took our Tonka Tough Test to our favourite local beach, Southbourne. We tested the bulldozer and tow truck from the Tonka Steel range, and my two bigger boys were in heaven. Hero was taking a beach nap. We bulldozed, trucked, ran along the seashore until our hearts’ were content that sand was not going to defeat our Tonka Steel vehicles.
We Loved…

• That they really are indestructible.  Completely.  My boys were so impressed they wanted to stage their own show where they attempted to destroy one to see if it actually could be done through stunts, but Lyoto loves his trucks too much to even risk that.
• There is a lifetime guarantee!  Who gives those these days?
• There are working parts on them.  The trucks actually work.
• The price – these are amazing value, and would make fantastic presents.”

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