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Simple ways to freshen up your home

Simple ways to freshen up your home

Spring is the season for the senses, we start waking up to the chirping of birds and we get that first hit of flowers in the air.

Whilst we sense the season’s arrival in all kinds of ways, it takes a little effort to bring spring in. These top tips will help you give your home a seasonal fresh feel.


You can’t achieve your springtime clean-slate potential with overflowing cupboards, so give any areas that need cleaning attention! Sell, giveaway or donate anything you’re not using, and don’t’ be afraid to do so!

Bring in a bunch of blooms

Put a bunch of cheerful daffodils or flowers of your choice in a case and it instantly gives the feeling of spring inside your home.

Clean your home

Cleaning isn’t for everyone, but clean houses are. You’ll enjoy your home so much more once you’ve dusted off that layer of wintery grime that has made its way into your home!

Transform your wardrobe

Spring is the most unpredictable season weather-wise. So, store your heaviest, bulkiest wools, sweaters and boots to make room for versatile light layers like trench coats, cardigans, leather jackets and blazers. You could also include some brightly coloured clothes and accessories in your wardrobe!

Shop spring food

After months of kale, cauliflower, parsnips and apples we’re ready for the more delicate and more vibrant fresh tasting produce to appear. Take a trip to the supermarket to buy springtime produce like asparagus, fava, beans, peas, spring onions, mushrooms and much more!

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