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Stars with no make up

Stars with no make up

We love seeing celebs with no makeup…it makes us feel better about every time we’ve stepped out the house, or ran to the shops looking like we’ve just rolled out of bed!

Here are a few of our favourites to make you feel better!

Kate Moss – She is one of the most world’s most photographed supermodels, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t camera ready all the time.

Courtney Cox – We’re so used to her looking drop dead gorgeous in her hit TV series Cougar Town, but here she is caught off guard…we feel better already! 

Jennifer Lopez – She’s in her mid-forties but my, she looks incredible!! J-Lo took this selfie on March 18th with the caption “Long day. Feels good to just be #HOME lol see how I did that…”

Kylie Jenner – Well she’s only 17 so she’s bound to look amazing isn’t she…

Kim Kardashian West – The Queen of the selfie posted a pic to her Instagram page with the caption “UGH just got off a plane, so tired, have a shoot tonight, need a tan, not in the mood!” Unsurprisingly she still looks flawless!


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