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Start your day the right way with Ready Brek

Start your day the right way with Ready Brek

We’ve all heard the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but take heed it’s not just a saying, it really is true. The fact is it can be an awful long time for you to go from dinner until breakfast in the morning and your body is crying out for a boost of energy. This is where first meals like Ready Brek are solution, plus don’t forget it’s nutritious and healthy too!

What makes Ready Brek a healthy start to your day?

Made from 100% wholegrain oats, Ready Brek is a nutritious breakfast for the whole family. But what does whole grain mean? The makers of Ready Brek literally use the whole of the grain ensuring none of the healthy goodness is lost through processing.  As well as this there are no added sugars or salt which is key for a healthy eating plan.

Children need to have Vitamin D and Calcium in their diets to help ensure normal growth and development of bones and teeth.  Just one portion of Ready Brek provides kids with 50% of their nutrient reference value for calcium and 26% of their recommended vitamin D.

So what makes Ready Brek a great oaty breakfast the kids will love? We think it’s all about the consistency not to mention the taste! Nearly every mum has heard “it’s too lumpy, I don’t like it” when it comes to everyday porridge oats, but Ready Brek is fine milled giving a smooth consistency that children will love. 

Adding a little variety always helps too and Ready Brek has a whole range of recipes for you to make fun and colourful breakfast meals ensuring that being healthy is never boring! Click here to browse the range of recipes.

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