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Starting school, not ready to let go!

Starting school, not ready to let go!

It only seems like yesterday that they were the vulnerable bundle of joy that you couldn’t take your eyes off. You were tuned into their every sound and smell (some good, some bad) and had a connection that only a mother and child can understand.

As they grew into a toddler, the balance changed a little. They started gaining their independence; cue the screaming fits at the supermarket, at home, in public, for no reason whatsoever! But you would start to appreciate their own little character and their little quirks. Telling you that they loved you for the first time, the constant kisses and cuddles and reading bed time stories.

So now we have to hand our children over for the next stage in their lives. They will be buzzing about the new friends they have made, and talk all afternoon – and probably into the evening - about what they have learnt that day.

Revel in these memories, because soon they will become teenagers!!

Will it be easy for you dropping your child off for their first day at school?

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