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Staying safe on the school run!

Staying safe on the school run!

The school run can be crazy. And with traffic, excitable kids and more bags than you can carry to contend with, it can sometimes be hard to keep everyone safe. This week’s sponsors Yvolution are all about keeping your kids safe when out and about, and here are their top tips for the school run!

Be alert – it sounds obvious but being aware of your surroundings can be the difference between a great school run and a bad one. 
Hold your kid’s hands – Your kids might hate you for this one but younger kids should be kept at your side at all times. Holding hands is the easiest way to do this.

Park well – If you have to drive your kids on the school run then make sure you park well. Even if it means being a little further from school, parking in a safe place can not only make for a safe school run for your family but also for other families too.

Keep kids at arm’s length or in sight – If your child is walking or scooting ahead keep them in sight at all times. Keep running to a minimum to avoid collisions, dangerous road crossings or scraped knees!

Leave enough time – Being rushed on the school run will mean that your focus isn’t fully there. Leaving enough time means you can be cool calm and collected!

Safety Gear – If your children ride or scoot to school safety gear is a MUST! Yvolution have a great range of fun and stylish helmets that kids will love to wear. Find out more here

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