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Strawberries and Cream Recipes

Strawberries and Cream Recipes

As it’s the start of Wimbledon, we thought we’d put together a few recipes to mark the tennis tournament in true English style! From cakes to desserts, here’s a selection of recipes to make sure you’re in keeping with the event. 

Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake Jars

These are perfect for a picnic, or even if you’re watching Wimbledon live! These on-the-go cheesecakes are just what you’ll need for a perfect summers day out.


• 200g buttery biscuit
• 200g cream cheese
• 200ml double cream
• 6 tbsp icing sugar
• 2tsp vanilla extract
• 500g strawberry, halved or quartered

You will need

• 8 Jars with lids


1. Blitz the biscuits to crumbs in a food processor or in a bowl with the end of a rolling pin. Divide the biscuit crumbs between the jars.
2. In a large bowl, whisk the cream, cheese, cream, 5 tbsp icing sugar and the vanilla extract until softly whipped.
3. Tip half the strawberries and the remaining sugar into another bowl and crush with a fork to a purée. Ripple the purée through the cream and divide between the jars. Top each cheesecake with remaining strawberries, secure the lids and chill until ready to pack up. Transport in a cooler bag. 

We also love this Strawberry Cream Cake recipe from Martha Stewart. Take a look at the recipe here.

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