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Summer BBQ accessories and food ideas

Summer BBQ accessories and food ideas


You’ve got your barbeque you’ve got your ingredients, all you need now is just a few handy accessories!


Opies produce a fantastic range of products that are the perfect addition to any summer barbeque. No burger is complete without a generous amount of Cocktail Gherkins (1) Opies gherkins are hand picked and delicately steeped in vinegar to preserve their crunchiness. For summer beverages add some Cocktail Cherries (2) and Sliced Lemons (3) to drinks! These are both store-cupboard essentials that can transform drink.


HECK is known for their healthy yet flavoursome sausages, meats and veggies. We love the Thai Bites Veggie Balls (4), not only are they healthy and gluten free we think they will make a great addition to a BBQ! If you love your meat, why not try their Chorizo-Style Sausages (5)? They’re hearty and tangy with a paprika kick, ready to spice up your life!

Le Rustique

Produced in Normandy, Le Rustique Camembert’s taste evolves as the product matures. From a firm texture with a light and fresh taste to a creamy texture with rich and garlicky taste. Wrapped in the brand’s famous red and white Gingham cloth, Le Rustique Camembert (6) is a real treat for all lovers of truly flavoursome cheese!


Serve up some Latin spirit this summer with the Manomasa Tortillas (7)! Serrano Chilli & Yucatan Honey tortillas, are shaped like a hexagon, the perfect six-sided scooper specially created for stacking on extra tasty toppings!

Handy BBQ accessory

Stuff your homemade burgers with everyone’s favourite ingredients with the fun and easy to use Big Green Egg Stuff-A-Burger Press (8) the combinations are endless!

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