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Summer Safety

Summer Safety

Playing outdoors is an essential childhood pastime: rolling around on the grass, climbing trees, playing hopscotch, cycling to the top of hills and building sandcastles are all fond memories which we make as kids.

Whilst a bruised knee or scraped ankles are part and parcel of playing outdoors, there are a number of more serious accidents which can be avoided. Read our safety tips to make sure your kids’ summer is free from harm.

1. Check the area: Before the little ones venture outside, make sure the play area is carefully checked. Garden’s for example may have dangerous tools lying around or pebbles which pose a choking hazard for toddlers. If you’re away from home or in a public place, always check the ground for broken glass or sharp objects, and keep the play area well away from the road

2. Always supervise: Although you’ve checked the area, an incident can still happen in the blink of an eye. Children can hurt themselves in paddling pools, on playground swings or even from tripping over so they must never be left unattended.

3. Get protected: If the kids are playing on scooters and bikes, it’s important they’re suited up with kneepads and a correctly-fastened helmet.

4. Double check: Before the kids mount their bikes, double check that all the parts are in safe working order. Also be sure that loose pieces of clothing or laces are tucked away from the bike chain.

5. Be safe, be seen: Bright clothes and reflectors on bikes are essential for riding at night and they also go a long way for safety during the day.

6. What to avoid: Splashing through puddles is really fun for kids but it can cause a fall while they’re riding bikes or scooters. Watch out for these along with wet leaves, curbs, potholes and people!

7. The rules of the road: It’s always important for children to be taught road safety and even more so if they’re on bikes and scooters. Simple rules such as obeying traffic signals and using designated cycle paths are crucial.

8. Protect against the weather: While we’re busy enjoying the sunshine, we can often forget that high temperatures can be dangerous. Apply sun cream to your kids every couple of hours, keep them in the shade and make sure they drink enough fluids.

Your kids will have a summer to remember if you stick to these simple tips!

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