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Sandal-Ready Feet for Summer

Sandal-Ready Feet for Summer

Your summer wardrobe needs new sandals, and soft feet! But if your feet aren’t super smooth there’s no need to worry as hard soles happens to all of us through the colder months. For when you’re dying to uncover your toes by wearing your summer shoes and sandals but your feet don’t look their best, we’ve rounded up our top five tips to help you. They’ll make sure your feet are sandal-ready in no time!

Glass it

First, invest in a good nail file. Some nail files can tear and split your nails, resulting in an uneven look, whereas a glass file will give you a much better shape. Glass nail files will give you a perfectly straight line without damaging your nails.

Block out

Use a square block buffer over your nails as buffing gets rid of the uneven layers and discolouration left by fake tan or old nail polish. It can also be the natural equivalent to a top coat if you have acrylic nails with no gel colour over the top.

File away

The most common foot care mistake people make is not filing off the dead skin on the bottoms of their feet whilst their feet are dry, they normally file the dead skin when their feet are wet. Always file hard areas, such as toes and heels!

Exfoliate and moisturise

After you’ve got rid of your dead skin, make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your feet. And when you don’t have an exfoliating product to hand you can make your own by mixing together body wash with sea salt and massaging it into damp feet. This instantly leaves you with clean cuticles and your feet will feel replenished!

Polish, polish, polish

Now for the most important part, using polish to finish off your look! These two options will ensure you achieve a gorgeous finish: Wear a gel polish with a super shiny top coat for a longer lasting effect, or wear a polish with a top coat for a shorter time as this will result in small chips throughout the summer and you will have to redo the colour regularly.

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