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Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips

Most of us have a summer holiday planned, whether it’s a road trip or a vacation to the beach it can be tricky if you’re not prepared. With our top travel tips, you won’t be stuck for ideas!

• When looking for a holiday, you will need to pick the vacation that suits you the best. Would you rather lie on a beach all day or see lots of sights? This is what you will need to decide, bearing in mind your budget. Budget is one of the main things when it comes to holidays; it’s one of the first things you think about. All-inclusive may be an option as this will help your budget, as you won’t have to pay for drinks, meals and snacks. All of this will be included within your package!

• Whether travelling abroad or just for a short trip within the UK, you need to make sure you plan ahead, especially if you’re travelling with babies or toddlers. You’ll need to pack everything from baby food jars to nappy cream. Even if you’re travelling just as a couple, you will need to plan ahead for any clothing, sun cream, travel insurance etc.

• If you find you and your kids don’t fit into the same flip flops or holiday clothing anymore, then online shopping is the perfect alternative. The online holiday shopping sites we love for women’s clothing are New Look, H&M and Missguided. These clothing sites are all affordable yet fashionable and perfect for holiday clothing. For the kids, our favourite clothing websites are Next and John Lewis. Both of these stores provide fashionable and branded clothing, so you can be sure your child is on trend throughout your holiday!

• Checking your baggage allowance is very important as you need to make sure you stay within your luggage weight restrictions. You don’t want to be over as this will mean an extra cost! Make sure you weigh your suitcase before you pack all of your clothes.

• Make sure you take plenty of suncream, hats, underwear, swimwear and beach towels; even take inflatables if you feel like it!

• Don’t forget all your documents for your holiday, you can’t go anywhere without them! Collate boarding passes, passports, travel insurance, medical insurance, all information for flights etc and you’re all set to go!

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