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Sun Safety for all

Sun Safety for all

When you’re out in the sun having a blast, it can be easy to forget about applying sun cream and keeping hydrated.

You should use enough sun cream to cover all of your exposed areas. This will stop any chance of burning or harming your skin. Of course children and babies should have sun cream of a higher factor, but you must remember that putting it on once before you go out isn’t enough.

If you’re enjoying the blistering hot sun, you must remember to keep applying sun cream not only to your children, but also to yourself as it will wear off. Nivea sun protect and moisture sun lotion is perfect for your holidays. It is a little more on the expensive side of sun cream, but you know that you can trust it; and when it comes to sun safety, you don’t want to be taking any chances.

Hydration is also a must when you’re out and about in the sun all day. Drinking lots of water, not just for the young ones but adults too is important. The ChillFactor drinks bottle allows you to keep your water cool for hours! All you have to do is freeze the unit, pour in your water or favourite drink and off you go! This is great for your kids especially if they don’t want to drink warm water.

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