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Take a look at the Gazillion Bubbles range

Take a look at the Gazillion Bubbles range

With the Gazillion Bubbles takeover in full swing we thought we should celebrate by bringing you a rundown of all our favourite Gazillion Bubble products from Funrise. Take a look below at our top picks from the famous bubble brand.

Gazillion Refillable solution

To make sure the bubble blowing fun never stops you can purchase extra solution. These extra bottles come in different sizes all the way from 2L (£4.99) to 4L (£9.99). So kids will run out of breath before they will bubbles.

Gazillion Hand-held Hurricane £6.99

This Hand-held Hurricane allows children to take the power of the bubble into their own hands. All they have to do is pour the signature solution into the blaster, press the trigger button to create a world of bubble fun around them.

Gazillion Bubbles Tornado £12.99

Even small items can pack a mighty punch! Pour your solution into your tornado and you’ll instantly see an endless flurry of bubbles. Easily attach the 8 oz. bottle of Gazillion Bubbles solution to the Tornado and turn the machine on to create an incredible bubble storm!

Gazillion – Incredibubble Wand £12.99

The Gazillion Incredibubble Wand allows your children to create bubbles as big as themselves! All they need to do is dip the wand into the tray of Gazillion solution. Then wave the wand in the air and as if by magic huge Gazillion Bubbles will begin to float. There’s two wands available, one to create huge bubbles and another to create a flurry of bubbles!

Gazillion Bump-n-Go Bubble Bot £14.99

This mechanical bubble blowing bot is a new member of the Gazillion family and makes for great fun. Once Gazillion solution has been poured into the reservoir, press the button and watch as the robot will emit a stream of bubbles.

Why loves Gazillion Bubbles loves Gazillion Bubbles because it provides a magical sensory experience for little ones, as well as blasters and bubble hurricanes to entertain the older bubble blowers in your family. That’s why we have to give Gazillion Bubbles a big thumbs up and a strong 9/10.

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