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Take a look at what our mums thought of the Teksta Newborns range

Take a look at what our mums thought of the Teksta Newborns range

 celebration of National Pets Month we asked some of the UK’s biggest bloggers to review the  new Jumping Teksta Newborns range. By the looks of things Tired Mummy of Two is a fan, take a look at what she had to say below: 

“Newborn Teksta Jumping Kitten responds to your voice and touch and is also able to complete three tricks that are explained in the manual.  They have Jumping mode, Begging mode and Singing mode. 

It is easy to switch between the different modes by moving the front legs into the set positions. To access singing mode you press and hold the button the kittens head and it meows a variety of well-known tunes. Elizabeth absolutely loves Newborn Teksta Kitten but her favourite thing that is does is jump. Placing the legs in the jumping position and pressing the jump button on the kittens head prepares it to jump into your hands.
Newborn Teksta Kitten is small, easy to transport and has enough tricks to keep kids entertained. She responds to your touch or voice with noises and movements and her eyes also change to show emotion. She moves her tail and ears and will also walk.

This is a great budget toy that Elizabeth has become really attached to and one that I would definitely recommend as good value for the price.”

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