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Take a look at what’s in store with MixIt Magazine

Take a look at what’s in store with MixIt Magazine

Mixit magazine is the brand new and totally unique multi-character magazine for girls aged 4-9.

Featuring all the hottest brands such as Shopkins, DC Superhero Girls, Lego Friends and other much loved classics, this interactive and fun-packed magazine includes stories, quizzes, cartoons, things to make, bake and do, collectable posters, games and more! Plus FREE branded cover gifts and branded stickers with every issue…. Phew, that’s a lot!
So what makes Mixit Magazine stand out from the crowd?

It’s a toy and digital-led girls’ magazine, with a strong focus on collectables and ‘unboxing’. For those of you who don’t already know, unboxing is the biggest thing on YouTube where kids can watch other children opening their toys and completing fun and wacky challenges! Don’t get it? Watch this!

MixIt exclusively features popular child influencers and box-openers from the vlogging community, Emily Tube and Creative Celeste. Each issue, the two sisters will be showing readers how they can create their own challenges and videos at home!

So if your child loves anything creative, anything fun and anything totally on trend then MixIt is the magazine for them!

Issue two of MixIt is already out and costs £3.65, Issue 3 will be on sale 10th August. To find out more visit the MixIt mag landing page here

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