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Take a look at what’s new from the Little Live Pets

Take a look at what’s new from the Little Live Pets

Little Live Pets have been a favourite for many years. Each pet is not only fun and interactive but also teaches children responsibility and the importance of caring for their pets. That’s why we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new additions to the Little Live Pets family.

Little Live Pets Flutter Wings Butterflies £9.99

There’s a whole collection of adorable Flutter Wings Butterflies to collect. With sparkle wings, the more you feed them and play with them the more they flutter! Now with a flower pad, these butterflies also come with a suction cup display holder to decorate your children’s bedroom windows.

Little Live Pets Lil’ Mice £9.99

The Little Live Pets Mice are cute scootin’ Lil friends who are full of personality! These adventurous little mice love to scamper and scurry and explore. Kids can also add a Mouse and wheel (£12.99), Mouse Trail (£14.99) or a Mouse House (£19.99) to complete their collection!

Tweet Talking Duck and Baby £17.99

Children can help a mum feed and nurture her cute duckling with the delightful Tweet Talking Duck and Baby who happily sing tunes and hoot to each other. The mother duck also comes with an interactive tweet back feature allowing you to record phrases and listen as your pet friend repeats.

Lil’ Pet Frog £12.99

Coming soon to the Little Live Pets range are the Lil’ Pet Frogs. These amphibious friends swim through water and hop on land. Each frog comes with their own tank that features a lily pad, the perfect home for any frog.

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