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Tattoo Do’s and Don’ts

Tattoo Do’s and Don’ts

At some point or another, everyone goes through a phase of wanting a tattoo, maybe it has already happened to you (or maybe it is still to come). We at UKMums.TV can guarantee that it will happen. Please follow these do’s and don’ts to avoid disappointment!

1. DO go to a good tattooist. Find out where friends/relatives have gone to get a tattoo done and make sure to look through their portfolio! A badly done tattoo is far from ideal.

2. DO take care of your tattoo. Be sure to wash it in the proper manner and apply the cream recommended by your tattooist.

3. DO realise that it is going to hurt. Nothing will irritate your tattooist more than you fidgeting and moaning that it hurts! It’s what you signed up for!

4. DON’T get any old tattoo. Actually think about what you want to have before you turn up, otherwise your tattoo can quickly turn into a tatt-oops.

5. DON’T arrive to your appointment intoxicated. It won’t help numb the pain, it will just make the whole experience unenjoyable, both for you and the tattoo artist. Also you may be overly bold and end up with a permanent tattoo you would prefer not to have when sober!

And finally and arguably most importantly…

6. DO realize you’re going to be stuck with your tattoo choice forever so DO consider what it will look like when you’re older and perhaps not as youthful as you used to be!

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