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Tennis kit down the ages

Tennis kit down the ages

With Wimbledon being the oldest Tennis tournament in the world, we thought we’d have some fun and put together our favourite tennis styles of the 1900s.

1. 1900
Not so much as an ankle in sight! The ladies who played tennis wore cinched in corsets and belts with floor-grazing skirts, hats and long sleeves.

2. 1920s
The Roaring Twenties said goodbye to the clothing constraints in earlier years and introduced loose, cocktail-inspired attire.


3. 1930s
Silhouettes became more feminine and tailored, pleats were included in skirts with a few inches chopped off for better movement.

4. 1940s
Well known for her classic menswear style, Katharine Hepburn rejected the traditional skirts and opted for flattering, high-waisted shorts. Quite a change from the long pleated skirts!

5. 1950s
The 1950s were renound for their cinched waists, crisp white dresses and demure cardigans. Very elegant compared to previous years!

6. 1960s
The mod mini made its way into the court, with hemlines starting to creep above the knee.

7. 1970s
This era was the disco fever era, which means patterned and extravagant outfits. Outfits were tighter and skirts were shorter.

8. 1980s
Tennis players opted out of the formal white dress code in favour of more pastel colours.

9. 1990s
Colour was brightened considerably, going from pastel colours to neon! They also opted for fabrics like nylon and spandex.

10. 2000s 
Gone are the days of short skirts and hats. Tennis players favoured short, tight and midriff baring outfits, whilst a few others designed all their uniforms.

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