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The Best and Worst Celebrity Eyebrows

The Best and Worst Celebrity Eyebrows

Everyone knows the importance of eyebrows; Too thin and they add age, too bushy and they can take over your face.  Here are the best and worst celebrity eyebrows we have seen in the last 12 months.


Brows to bow down too


Mr Clooney was a must on our list. His brows are the epitome of the perfect male brow.

Rita Ora’s brows are subtle and have the perfect arch. We love them!

Chloe Grace Mortez shows that you don’t need to have naturally curved brows to stand out. They are clean and not too pencilled in. perfect for her baby face.



Brows to Banish


We aren’t really sure what Kesha was going for with this look, but studded brows aren’t something we recommend.

Big brows may be in this season but Lady Gaga’s brows are too big, too dark and too arched.

Ariana Grande is beautiful but her eyebrows are a confusing shade of grey and definitely don’t impress.

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